Trustees are asking for more community input as they review all middle school attendance zones for the 2020-21 school year and the opening of Danielson Middle School. Following feedback on two community surveys, LISD staff presented Scenario A for consideration. Scenario A accomplishes the following outcomes:

  • provides relief for Stiles and Leander middle schools;
  • eliminates small cohorts in middle school to high school feeder patterns of Running Brushy Middle School to Cedar Park High School & Henry Middle School to Cedar Park HS;
  • moves Wiley MS students zoned to Glenn High School to Danielson Middle School;
  • raises the Cedar Park Middle School enrollment to 1,500 students; and
  • Makes no changes to the attendance zones of Canyon Ridge and Four Points middle schools.

For a complete list of the neighborhood codes (NBCDs) displayed on the map, please reference the following tools: NBCDs by subdivision | NBCDs by street

“The middle school zoning question doesn’t have an easy answer that checks every box,” Trustee Pamela Waggoner said. “We will continue to listen to our community to make sure we craft the best possible solution that reflects their priorities. Sometimes, those priorities don’t reflect the best educational opportunities for our students.”

In collecting feedback from more than 4,500 people over two surveys (Survey results), the district found the top two priorities for families in a boundary change are:

  • being zoned to a school in close proximity to their home and
  • having an aligned feeder pattern that minimizes the splitting of schools.

The Board process for implementing attendance zone adjustments is as follows:

  • District staff develop possible attendance zoning scenarios and present them to the Board of Trustees at consecutive scheduled meetings (Feb. 21 and March 7).
  • Board recommends a scenario to be presented to the community for feedback.
  • Staff presents the recommended scenario to the community at two public feedback meetings.
  • Staff summarizes feedback and presents to the Board for review.
  • Board reviews feedback.
  • The staff makes the necessary adjustments and presents to the Board.
  • Board adopts zoning that will take effect the year the school opens.

For more information about the Leander ISD attendance zone adjustment process, please visit