Just like the character in Green Eggs & Ham, once Megan Gray tried books she got a taste for, she can’t put them down. That’s why Megan is our Leander ISD Summer Reader of the Week!

Megan and her parents found her interest in books grew once she could choose the books herself. Now, she just can’t seem to get enough! Megan’s favorite books are the  Dog Man series especially A Tale of Two Kitties and Amelia Bedelia books.

Megan takes a lot into consideration when building her summer stack.

“I look on my shelves and see what looks interesting,” the Bagdad Elementary third-grader said. “Sometimes I read the first couple of pages of a book to see if I want to read the whole book.”

Reading during the summer doesn’t just improve reading and memory skills, it also helps build a passion for reading and boosts confidence. That’s something Megan’s mom noticed as she saw her daughter build self-esteem in herself and in her school work.

“Her love of reading has helped her become more creative, and she has been able to express herself more,” her mom said. “It is a joy to watch her read her favorite books and then have her tell us about what she read.”

For reading books here or there, and reading books anywhere, I do not know what else to say, but Thank you! Thank you! Megan Gray, Leander ISD Summer Reader of the Week!