Leander ISD Summer Reader of the Week Aubrey Henry will bend over backwards for her favorite books!

Aubrey will attend first grade at Rutledge Elementary. Right now, she’s reading Dr. Seuss books.  

“The book I am learning to read now is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” Aubrey said. “Soon, I will be able to read the whole book all by myself!”

Aubrey practices reading by using an online guided reading program called Raz-Kids. She chooses stories she wants to read and can read without needing a lot of help. 

“I’m learning new words everyday. Daily practice makes reading easier and fun!”

Her heart flips for reading as much as she enjoys gymnastics.  She does it all– jumping, flipping, somersaulting and balancing.  

“Gymnastic teaches me how to be flexible, strong and safe when flipping.  Also, I like the gym. It is really big and cool!”

And even though reading can seem “really big,” coach (aka mom) gives her the best pep talks.

“My mom always says, ‘Don’t give up! The more you practice the easier it will get.’ So, I practice every day! I choose books about things I like. I look for books that make me laugh, have fun pictures and have words that I can read or sound out.”

For flexing her mind and spirit around the joy of reading, we’re delighted to honor LISD Summer Reader of the Week Aubrey Henry!