Name: Kathleen Williams

Campus/Department: Larkspur Elementary

Job Title: Instructional Coach

Join Leander ISD with a big round of applause for Kathleen Williams!  All the attention is on Kathleen as we celebrate her being nominated for this week’s staff spotlight.  Kathleen is like a mind reader, because she always anticipates what is needed before we ask her.

Kathleen knows the curriculum and THINKS about how to support Larkspur students and staff in all areas.  You will never see Kathleen sitting around because she is too busy continuously improving systems and THINKing students first.

 The commitment that Kathleen has for Larkspur is second to none. It is great to have an instructional coach who is eager to work with students in need and willing to jump in whenever and wherever needed.  It is great to watch her work collaboratively with staff to provide resources and support.  Larkspur is giving Kathleen Williams a standing ovation!!!

“Kathleen helps our school be the best it can be!!  Thank you for all you do for Larkspur.”

-Tracie Montanio – Principal, Larkspur Elementary