“It takes a village to raise a child.”

No truer words were spoken when it pertains to the relationships between our school district, our parents and our community. Together, we strive to provide the most excellent educational and life experience for each and every one of our kids. Together, we focus on the needs of our children and their desire to pursue their own personal greatness. 

For many years, our Council of PTAs had led the way in supporting our students, teachers and families. Over the past two years, under the leadership of PTA President Kathleen Schoening, this team has not only grown in membership, but matured within the organization and enriched the community. Reaching over 11,000 members and achieving excellence on many levels, some of their many accomplishments over the past year include:

  • Advocating for togetherness and equality, our schools held multiple “Kids First” trainings and inclusion and diversity conversations. 
  • Designing the Innovative Leaders Initiative, a monthly leadership training program for local PTA leaders, they develop and enhance their volunteer’s leadership skills and potential so they can make important investments in our community.
  • Partnering with Leander ISD, they provided an enlightening educational experience for students from various high schools during Texas PTA Rally Day 2019 at the Capitol. 
  • Creating collaborative, community-building opportunities are additional ways that the PTA has supported our LISD family over the years. Programs such as their “Unexpected Virtual Art Contest” was a joyful reprieve in a time of uncertainty during the emergence of COVID-19. 
  • Providing an invaluable service to our community, they grew their PTA Clothes Closet program and saw a significant increase in utilization.

As a school district, we are so grateful for everything our LISD Council of PTAs has done.

“The last couple of years our PTA executive board has maintained a consistent focus in council discussions, decisions and program implementations to ensure every child has a voice, while partnering with the district to help engage and inspire students for lifelong learning,” LISD Director of Community Relations Shannon Lombardo said. “These amazing accomplishments would not be possible without the countless volunteer hours and committed leadership of the entire LISD Council of PTAs.” 

This togetherness is the key to raising our children.

“As school resumes in whatever format, please remember to join your local PTA,” said Schoening. “Advocacy begins with us, in each of our us, in our own respective ways and by coming together, we become a voice for every child.”