Keep you campus Home page organized by adding new content to your Campus News & Announcement Feed!

Watch this video for a visual guide on creating new “Posts” in WordPress. (Video Coming Soon!)
Written instructions are also available below:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account using Google & your district account (can’t log in? Contact the District Webmaster). See WordPress Log-In tutorial.
  2. From the Dashboard, go down to Posts in the side menu options (all of your campus news posts are stored here).
  3. Select “Add New”.
  4. Add a Title.
  5. Add your Text content.
  6. Add a list if applicable (here’s how to make a list in WordPress).
  7. Add hyperlinks as needed (here’s how to add hyperlinks in WordPress).
  8. Add a “Featured Image” (here’s how to add a Featured Image in WordPress).
  9. When your post is ready, select “Publish” and then confirm.
  10. Make a note or copy your new post URL (if you want to use it on your Home page as a link).

Your new post is now live on the District News site, and will be added to your Campus News & Announcements feed soon*.

*New posts can take up to 60 minutes to update on your campus news feed.