We want to hear from our future Timberwolves! We will be hosting our first community meeting on Student Experience at 6 p.m. on Feb. 18 for the Cedar Park High School feeder pattern, including:

  • Cedar Park High School;
  • Cedar Park Middle School;
  • Cypress Elementary School;
  • Deer Creek Elementary School;
  • Faubion Elementary School;
  • Giddens Elementary School;
  • Henry Middle School;
  • Mason Elementary School;
  • Naumann Elementary School;
  • Reed Elementary School; and
  • Westside Elementary School.


The meeting will be in the cafeteria. Attendees can park in front of the school (requires walking through building & courtyard) or student parking (sidewalk to cafeteria). Please note that a basketball game going on also that evening will be parking in student parking lot.

What to Expect

We are hosting these meetings to listen to our community. The only information we will be presenting will be about what we are doing and how we will continue this conversation.

You can expect to have talk with members of your community about the hopes and dreams you have for students in our schools. Our goals are:

  1. To collect feedback on the hopes and dreams of our community for our students through a process that is accessible, inclusive, and transparent.
  2. To engage with as many people as possible across a variety of roles, including students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members.

The central question will be:

What are the most important things our schools should do for each and every student in LISD?

Attendees will divide into small, diverse groups to talk to each other before we capture feedback using ThoughtExchange.


In order to capture the conversation in the meeting and to give people who cannot attend the meeting an opportunity to participate, we are using a tool called ThoughtExchange, which you can access on a computer or mobile device.

We will help get you connected while we’re in the meeting. If you’d like, create a free ThoughtExchange account before the meeting. You are not required to create an account to participate.


We will have an ongoing conversation on Student Experience, including letting you know what we hear from our community members and what we’re going to do as a result of this feedback.

Here’s what you can expect:

February 18Cedar Park HS Community Meeting
February 19Invitation to Cedar Park HS community to participate in ThoughtExchange.
March 3ThoughtExchange closes at 11:59 p.m.
March 11Report from ThoughtExchange about what the Cedar Park HS community told us
March 30Report from ThoughtExchange about what the entire district community told us.
March 31Additional district-wide ThoughtExchange released for more feedback
June 10Superintendent Bruce Gearing, Ed.D. shares a final report as our State of the District.

Meeting Schedule

Overall, the district is hosting six feeder-based community forums; the meeting schedule for each high school feeder pattern is: 

February 3Vista Ridge HS
February 10Leander HS
February 17Vandegrift HS
February 18Cedar Park HS
February 24Rouse HS
March 2Glenn HS