The click-clack of the keyboard strikes success for Vandegrift High School freshman Justin Heroux. The LISD Career and Technical Education Student of the Week is hitting the ground running in various CTE classes, typing twice as fast than your average typist!

Wanting to hone his already strong keyboarding technique, Justin dove into the EduTyping curriculum this school year. In just five months, he completed the program and consistently types 100 words per minute with high accuracy.

Then there’s Justin’s work ethic in earning Microsoft certifications. He’s already earned Word certification a full six weeks ahead of his class and is now working toward an “expert” certification in Excel. In order to earn certifications, a student must show they can complete a certain amount of tasks in each Microsoft program. An “expert” must pass three more exams than those who earn a basic certification.

“Justin’s self-motivation is a privilege to witness,” Business Information Management teacher Kari Michalek said. “[He] and several classmates support each other and also compete against one another in keyboarding, creating a fun, friendly environment in the classroom.”

Justin’s initiative and hard work clearly make him worthy of the honor – LISD CTE Student of the Week. Congratulations!