When Peggy Hudson retired as an administrative assistant to the Principal at Cypress Elementary, she began to volunteer at Cedar Park High School. Her granddaughter graduated from the school several years ago, but Peggy still helps out in the front office any time she is needed. 

“Peggy feels more like a part of our staff/family than she does a volunteer,” Principal John Sloan said. “We love having her on our campus.”

She can anticipate the needs of the school. When asked to come in on the first day of school for extra support in the school’s new secure vestibule, Peggy’s comment was, “I already have that on my calendar. I thought you would be able to use the help.” Over the years, she’s gotten to know many people from around the district, as well as students and their parents from her time at Cypress. They all remember her and are happy to see her.

Not only does she volunteer her time, but Peggy is also a gifted baker. Once in a while, the staff gets to enjoy her homemade snickerdoodle cookies.

Because of her unwavering dedication in service to students, Leander ISD recognizes Peggy Hudson as Volunteer of the Week.