Leander ISD’s vocational and 18+ students were recognized and celebrated along with their teachers and local community business partners at the annual Leander Independent Vocational Education (LIVE) Celebration held April 26. 

This event is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the young adults served within LISD’s Vocational and 18+ Services.

“We are proud to honor our young adults who are dedicated to learning the skills needed to achieve their goals in life,” Executive Director of Special Services and Programs Kimberly Waltmon said. “We also want to recognize and honor our employers, job coaches, teaching staff, related service professionals and our LISD Transportation Department who join together to ensure that our students have success in their job field.”

LISD serves a total of 182 students among the High School Vocational and 18+ Transition services. Of those 182 adults, 78 hold paid positions – a reflection to the hard work and dedication of both students and staff. 

The district also has 105 community partners who welcome these young adults each day through LISD’s vocational courses and 18+ services. Of these community partners, 43 businesses hire LISD students for paid employment and 63 provide work-based learning or volunteer opportunities.

“This program is a testament to the positive outcomes that result when our efforts are joined together to make opportunities for work possible,” Waltmon said. “Each and every day, our students show that nothing is out of reach.”