This is an ongoing issue and response by Leander ISD. As we continue to get new information and make new decisions, the content of this article may be outdated. Please visit our COVID-19 webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Updates to grading, grade-point average (GPA) and class rank could be coming after a special called Board of Trustees meeting this Tuesday, March 31. 

As we have suspended normal school operations through April 13, closing our buildings and continuing instruction through remote and distance strategies, we recognize the impacts on student grades and reporting. We have not collected grades or assignments during these initial two weeks of our building closure (through April 5). We will transition to a new distance learning plan on April 6 to include the introduction of new learning. 

Under the district’s proposed policy updates, the second semester will not count toward GPA or class rank for any student. We do not want this temporary transition to distance learning to hurt any student’s academic performance. For students who may be negatively impacted by this change in policy, we plan to work on a case-by-case basis to resolve any issues.

The Board will also discuss a change in our remote work procedures that will include the removal of premium pay and the return to work for all employees in a remote capacity. 

Phase 2 of our Distance Learning Plan 

Our Teaching and Learning, Special Programs, and Technology teams are working to finalize a plan for remote learning starting April 6. As a part of Phase 2, we are considering how to get every student what they need, including access to technology and special programs. We will announce the details of this plan on Wednesday, April 1. 

Let’s Talk, Learn and Have Fun with Bruce and Friends, April 1 on Facebook Live

Superintendent Bruce Gearing and senior staff will be available on Wednesday, April 1, on Facebook LIVE from 4:30–5:30 p.m. to share details on the distance learning plan, take questions and have fun. 

Don’t have Facebook? You can access the video after the event to see what you missed. And we’re always open to questions via our Let’s Talk tool, which you can access through a phone call, web form, or a text message. To call into Let’s Talk, call the main phone number for your campus or Leander ISD at 512-570-0000 or call/text 512-714-3030.

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