First grader Cassidy Spingler at Reed Elementary is kicking off the school year as the #1LISD Super Kid of the Week!

Cassidy recently assisted one of her teachers with a medical emergency by thinking fast and acting quickly by going to get the school nurse.

“Cassidy is an excellent example of a compassionate leader that shows concern for others,” First Grade Teacher Ana Lerma said. “She found her voice to help others.”

Reed Nurse Jessica McHenry said that Cassidy responded perfectly in a difficult situation by working with her teacher to understand what she needed.

“Cassidy read her teacher’s face and listened for hints,” McHenry said. “She then took what she understood and sought out the nurse. She accomplished a very important job!”

The teacher who Cassidy helped said that she is forever thankful for Cassidy’s intuition, quick thinking and level-headedness.

“Cassidy is a true example of what it means to be a leader!” Principal Paige Collier said.

Cassidy participates in Girl Scouts, loves to sing, and is fluent in Spanish and English.