Eight Grader Gabriella Lumbreras from Running Brushy Middle School is the Leander ISD Student-Athlete of the Week.

Gabby is a member of the Cougar volleyball team, plans on trying out for the basketball and track and field team, and plays softball outside of school.

RBMS Coach Jade Gonzaba said that the amount of growth that Gabby has shown this year is above and beyond anything that a coach can ask for.

“Gabby is a dynamic player who shows heart in every sport she plays. She is a hard worker, and I can always trust her to get the job done! I’m very proud of the person Gabby is, and she displays what it means to be an athlete at Running Brushy Middle School,” Gonzaba said. “I’m so honored to be a part of Gabby’s journey and coach her in every sport she will play in her last year of middle school.”

Gabby is also in the Entrepreneurship Program at RBMS.