With an undeniable gift of leadership, we’re celebrating Leander ISD Student-Athlete of the Week Adrian Agbasoga!

At Wiley Middle School, Adrian plays Coyote football and basketball and runs track. The eighth-grader also plans on playing soccer this spring as well. A skilled athlete in multiple sports, Adrian also pushes himself academically by taking multiple advanced classes. And just like he succeeds in athletics, he does so academically too. He consistently earns a spot on the A/B honor roll.

“Adrian brings a strong, positive work ethic to both athletics and academics,” Wiley Middle School Boys Athletic Coordinator Casey Shrader said. “He is a leader in the weight room and the school hallways. Striving to make himself better daily, he also pushes his teammates likewise. Adrian is the type of kid that you do not have to motivate because he is so focused on being the best he can be athletically and academically.”

Howling for success, Congratulations Adrian Agbasoga–#1LISD Student-Athlete of the Week!