If you want something done, Leander ISD staff spotlight of the week, Tashia Ellington is the person to go to!  Tashia is a teacher for the Visually Impaired and team lead of Blind and Visually Impaired Services. Tashia’s problem solving attitude is welcomed with open arms during these challenging times.

Tashia is a selfless leader for her team.  She has a caseload of her own students, but ALWAYS checks on her teammates, and lends a listening ear.  Tashia has the ability to remind us all what is really important in life.  Our entire team admires Tashia’s strength and positive outlook. 

Tashia’s attitude keeps the team moving forward and doing what is best for students.  During COVID shortages, you would often see Tashia dropping by to check on teachers and IA’s and to give them a quick break.  She CREATEs a foundation of understanding or offers ideas for reexamining our direction.

“Tashia has always gone above and beyond for our students and teachers.  We appreciate her so much!!”

Sandi Southerland-Chapa—Special Education Teacher, CPHS