Elsa Weick

Name: Elsa Weick

Campus/Department: Larkspur Elementary

Job Title: Counselor

Join Leander ISD in a round of applause for this week’s staff spotlight, Elsa Weick!!! She is the AMAZING counselor at Larkspur Elementary. Elsa has a heart of gold and BUILDs relationships all over our building. Her laughter lights up a room and she brings a positive vibe with her wherever she is. Elsa is the best!!

Elsa cares deeply about students, staff and being part of a team that makes an impact!

Elsa helps to BUILD relationships throughout our school! She works diligently with parents, students and staff to support them where they are and provide whatever is needed to help them be successful! Thank you for your commitment to Larkspur!

“Elsa is the heart of our school! She utilizes every resource available to support the students and staff in our building! She helps round out our amazing team and bring endless joy and laughter!”

– Tracie Montanio, Larkspur Principal