So crazy good, LISD Super Kid Aeryn Hernandez is popping with her Pursuit of Excellence!

At Knowles Elementary, the first-grader serves as the perfect role model for her class! You can always count on Aeryn to show her skills for listening. When faced with a challenge, Aeryn doesn’t get frustrated but uses problem-solving skills to figure it out. Aeryn never gives up, working hard to do her best! When others are in need, she is always willing to help or guide others. 

“Aeryn, thank you for being such an awesome student! I can’t wait to see all the great things you accomplish!” Knowles ES first-grade teacher Valerie Villegas said.

When in school, Aeryn enjoys reading books on Epic! and accomplishing her Dreambox lessons. She embraces a challenge, from conquering the monkey bars to tying her shoes in double knots. With a bit of a sweet tooth, Aeryn loves a good pop tart!

How sweet is it to have #1LISD Super Kid Aeryn Hernandez as a part of our district!