While we believe that in-person learning is the optimal learning environment for our students, we understand that the rise in COVID-19 cases at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year caused safety concerns for many of our families. LISD is committed to working with our families to find solutions for the betterment of our children and we are glad to have worked together to provide a virtual option for those that wished to use it. We are excited to announce that we are looking forward to welcoming our remote learners back to in-person learning after winter break, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022.

Responses from our recent remote learning parent survey showed that an overwhelming number of parents intend to return their students to in-person learning once the pediatric vaccine (ages 5-11) has been approved. That vaccine availability, combined with a steady decline in districtwide daily case averages means that a successful return of students and teachers to in-person learning may begin in January. An exception will be made for any of the original 300 students who need to remain in virtual learning and the teachers assigned to serve them. If you or your child are interested in receiving the vaccine, please visit one of the local pharmacies or one of our regularly scheduled vaccination clinics.