You’ve got a friend in LISD Super Kid Brodie Hearn!

Not only is the Naumann Elementary third-grader a good student, he also makes a great buddy.

When out on the playground, Brodie makes sure to include everyone. He will tailor his game to meet the needs of others, even if they have trouble running or understanding the rules. When classmates or teachers, for that matter, feel sad, Brodie goes out of his way to cheer them up. 

Oftentimes Brodie will earn something special, like standing at the front of the line or sitting in a choice spot. However, he’s willing to miss out on those opportunities if it means he can help others. Always aware, he makes sure classmates are doing well. If something needs to happen, he doesn’t wait for others to do it; he does it himself.

“Brodie Hearn is one of the most kind-hearted individuals I have ever met!” Naumann Elementary third-grade teacher JoJo Fentress said.

His heart for service extends into his downtime. Brodie helps out his mother at Reveal Resource Center. The foodbank serves as a food pantry and clothes closet for those in need.

Wow, LISD Super Kid Brodie Hearn. You inspire us!