This Wolverine claws his way in Pursuit of Excellence. LISD Super Kid Luis Martinez has a hunger for knowledge and understanding. 

The Winkley Elementary fifth-grader works hard. Day in. Day out. Luis puts his best foot forward every single day.  His sense of responsibility enables him to complete his work on time.

“At times, I am just completely blown away by how much of a deep thinker he is. It is truly a pleasure to hear him respond in class, because you can tell that a lot of thought and preparation goes into his answers,” Winkley ES  assistant principal Dessard Norris said.

“I am so proud of you, Luis. Well done!” 

Practicing karate and coding, Luis enjoys moving his mind and his muscles. He also plays flag football. However, he can pull out those video gaming skills on a dime!

Player Of the Game! Congratulations, LISD Super Kid Luis Martinez!