From Oct. 8-13, Leander ISD is celebrating Child Nutrition Services Staff Appreciation Week.

“I am humbled and blessed to work with a passionate team that puts child nutrition first,” Child Nutrition Services Director Upenda Sibley said. “They sacrifice so much daily to provide the best possible service to our LISD family. The CNS team always rises to any challenge and provides service with a smile. This week, we celebrate our CNS department’s true ‘Everyday Heroes’!” 

Did you know that Good Nutrition Can Improve Test Scores?

Imagine a student skipping breakfast because she was running late.  A few hours later, that same student’s stomach starts growling during a test, but it’s still a couple of hours before lunch.  She ends up doing poorly on the test because all she can think about is how hungry she is.  If she had eaten before her test, she might have been able to focus better– and do better.  In fact, research shows that participation in a school breakfast program of some kind is closely associated with significantly better performance in standardized test scores, as well as improved cognitive function and reduced absenteeism. 

That’s why Leander ISD’s CNS provider, Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC, makes it a priority to offer a wide variety of programs to ensure that students get the nutrition they need to succeed in class– all day long.  Programs such as breakfast in the classroom, second chance breakfast and grab-and-go breakfast can be customized to fit the needs of students and districts, so that every student starts the day out right.  By also focusing on fresh-from-scratch cooking and consistently offering plenty of fruits and vegetables at each meal, we give students extra opportunities to get the nutrients they may be missing.  We want every student to be nourished to learn–  and ready to do their best!

Kristin Crowther, MS, RD, LD, SFE Dietician