For the month of January, Leander ISD celebrates School Board Recognition Month. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Locally Elected, Community Connected,” which highlights the connection between district trustees and their communities. 

Leander ISD Board members have worked tirelessly in their efforts to support public education. From meaningful conversations with lawmakers to learning more about student experience on our campuses, they have embraced their leadership role within LISD. This year, in particular, the Board has played a vital role in advocating for our district as they listen and uphold the needs of our community.

“School board members are locally elected as School Board Trustees. They truly are trustees of children. Their job is to govern the school district for the sole purpose of improving the education of each and every child,” Superintendent Bruce Gearing, Ed.D., said. “This takes wisdom, fortitude and a level of selfless service that few understand. They do all this as volunteers, without pay.” 

This year, LISD Trustees have been present for dozens of athletic, fine arts and academic events; visited campuses; connected with students, staff and community members; and of course, been present at board meetings, where they listen to staff and community feedback and make decisions with the best interest of students in mind.

“Our Trustees connect to the community, listen carefully to feedback and make incredibly difficult decisions for the benefit of children,” Gearing continued. “They are absolute champions of children and we are eternally grateful for the lives they change. Our community is better because of their sacrifice. Thank you, #1LISD School Board Trustees!”

Dan Troxell, executive director of the Texas Association of School Boards, applauded the efforts of volunteer trustees in providing leadership and good governance so that school districts can focus on educating the 5.4 million public schoolchildren in their care. 

“Texas school boards are so important because they bring a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of their local communities to their role,” Troxell said. “Boards lead their districts by providing oversight, setting goals, overseeing the budget, and selecting and evaluating the superintendent. These volunteers serve for the betterment of their communities.”

The Board of Trustees creates the vision and goals for the district and selects the Superintendent, who serves as the district’s Chief Executive Officer. Together, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent form Leander ISD’s “Governance Team.”

Members of the LISD Board

Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia – Leander ISD President, Place 2 (Term: Nov. 2022 – Nov. 2026)

Anna Smith – Leander ISD Vice President, Place 4 (Term: Nov. 2020 – Nov. 2024)

Christine Mauer – Leander ISD Secretary, Place 3 (Term: Nov. 2020 – Nov. 2024)

Trish Bode – Leander ISD Trustee, Place 1 (Term: Nov. 2022 – Nov. 2026)

Sade Fashokun – Leander ISD Board Member, Place 5 (Term: Nov. 2022 – Nov. 2024)

Francesca Romans – Leander ISD Board Member, Place 6 (Term: Nov. 2022 – Nov. 2026)

Paul Gauthier – Leander ISD Board Member, Place 7 (Term: Nov. 2022 – Nov. 2026)