The Cedar Park Middle School Cadet Dance Team Leadership members are the Leander ISD Fine Arts Students of the Week.

The CPMS Cadet Leadership Team is made up of Captain Tia Mittra, Sergeant Alicia Almazan, First Lieutenant Dana Jung, First Lieutenant Anika Neroth, Second Lieutenant Renee Holguin, Second Lieutenant Cassandra Rico, Spirit Leader President Evelyn Raine and Spirit Leader Vice President Isabelle Ruiz.

The dance officers placed with their Contemporary and Open routine this contest season with their own choreography. The spirit leaders also received First Place and Division 1 ratings for their Duet this contest season. 

Dance Director Kayln Vaughn said that since these students received their positions last spring, they have stepped up to fearlessly lead their team of over 50 dancers.

“These leaders always put the team before themselves which is the true mark of servant leadership. Recently, they inspired over 20 of their teammates to try out to become future leaders of the team and I think this speaks greatly to the work they have done for their team,” Vaughn said. “The best leaders create more leaders. I am so proud of them and know they will do many amazing things in high school.”

In addition to being stellar performers in dance, these student leaders also represent many other Fine Arts and Extracurricular programs on the CPMS campus, participating in extracurriculars including Advanced Art, Theatre, Choir and Yearbook/Multimedia.