Art and soul! This week’s Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Mauricio Alejandro Balza Blanco uses his creative talent to inspire! 

Mauricio is taking art at Running Brushy Middle School. Beyond the normal accolades of being a “good student”, the sixth-grader spreads joy to others by sharing his talent for illustration and storytelling. Blessed with a tremendous amount of passion for creating illustrations, he remains humble about his work.

“Mauricio is an incredibly talented sixth-grade bilingual artist/designer,” RBMS Visual Arts teacher Alyson Rhodes said. “In his free time, he uses his passion to create and develop comics/graphic novels and illustrations.

“He named one of his characters (shown in the photo) ‘Viviblob’. Mauricio loves sharing his artwork with others, encouraging his peers to draw as well.”

What an original work of art, Congratulations Mauricio Alejandro Balza Blanco–Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!