Fifth Grader Nyrah Lijash from Block House Creek Elementary is the Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week. 

Nyrah is an excellent student who works hard to help those around her. She is passionate about theatre and with the help of a friend, has started a student-led enrichment club called Theatre Club. Nyrah has recruited other students to be in the club, held auditions for the play called “The Adventures of Captain Potato,” and cast the show. She is doing this with minimal adult guidance and will be running rehearsals, too!

“Nyrah is a born performer with great director instincts even at this young age. She’s been very diligent with the help of her friend, Valentina, to gather materials needed for her production and really think about all the logistics of putting on a show,” Performing Arts Teacher Mary Ann Loesch said. “She saw a gap in our enrichment program and created the Theatre Club all on her own. I’m very proud of Nyrah and see great things for her in the future!”