More than 116 parents, community leaders, teachers, and staff started a districtwide facility and infrastructure review process on March 2. 

The Citizens’ Facility Advisory Committee (CFAC) will meet over the next few months to determine the need for a future bond election, which is a voter initiative granting the district permission to borrow money for new construction, major renovations, equipment, and technology. 

The CFAC includes five subcommittees to break up the work. The subcommittees will work in the areas of: 

  • elementary schools, 
  • middle schools, 
  • high schools, 
  • technology, and 
  • ancillary. 

We are working on a timeline to possibly call a bond election for November 2021, which would require the Board to approve a ballot initiative by July 2021. While a November bond is a possibility, it’s not inevitable as we continue to watch enrollment and economic conditions for our region. 

“We want our community to dream and assess the needs of our schools,” Superintendent Bruce Gearing, Ed.D. said. “We are open to any and all ideas as we engage our community about the future of our public schools. Our community and Board of Trustees will determine the timeline for the next bond election. We have to prepare the process for a November election in case our community says it’s necessary.”

The subcommittees will report to a Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from local municipalities, community organizations, and appointed members by our Board. The steering committee meetings will be live-streamed and archived on YouTube. We will also post all of the subcommittee meeting minutes and agendas for public review. 
The next CFAC Steering Committee meeting will be in late March. We posted details and materials for the Citizens’ Facility Advisory Committee (CFAC) at