Leander ISD is publishing its latest attendance zoning scenario ahead of the Board of Trustees meeting June 6. The new plan includes several changes from Scenario E.

At the request of the LISD Board of Trustees at the May 16 regular meeting, the district conducted a targeted survey of two neighborhood codes regarding tweaks to the potential 2020-2021 attendance zoning plan. After conducting a survey of Neighborhood Codes 1625 and 2200, LISD made the following updates to Scenario E for Scenario F:

  • For NBCDs 2200 and 2225*:
    • Updated it to Reed / Henry / Vista Ridge from (current) Reed / Henry / Cedar Park, impacting 125 current students in that entire attendance zone.
    • Received 60% approval with 46% participation in our survey.
  • For NBCD 1625:
    • Kept the zone as presented in Scenario E as Block House Creek / Henry / Vista Ridge from (current) Block House Creek / Stiles / Vista Ridge.
    • This will create a 1% cohort from BHCES to Henry.
    • Received 94% approval with 64% participation in our survey.

*2225 does not have any students and was updated to avoid a zoning island.

In addition, LISD did not receive any additional feedback from the Board regarding a proposed change switching the assignments of NBCD 3100 and NBCDs 3400/9955. This change was made to avoid splitting Giddens to three different middle schools, as presented in Scenario E. Those NBCDs will be presented on Scenario F to:

  • For 3100:
    • Giddens / Running Brushy / Leander from (current) Giddens / Running Brushy / Cedar Park.
  • For 3400/9955:
    • Mason / Cedar Park / Cedar Park from (current) Mason / Running Brushy / Cedar Park.

LISD will present Scenario F to the Board for possible action on June 6. Questions and concerns can be submitted through Let’s Talk. For more information about the Leander ISD attendance zone adjustment process, please visit www.leanderisd.org/msaz.


Board Presentation: May 2
Neighborhood Codes: NBCDs by subdivision | NBCDs by street