Third Grader Easton Saul at River Ridge Elementary at River Ridge Elementary is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

According to his teacher, Marissa Casal, Easton exudes all of the 10 Ethical Principles on a daily basis. He puts everyone else before himself. He offers to help the custodians in the cafeteria and others in the classroom and writes recognition awards and thoughtful letters to others.

Casal said that Easton even went out of his way to write her grandpa a letter to get well soon because he knew something happened to him recently.

“Easton is truly one of a kind. His tender heart and kindness is not going unnoticed,” Casal said. “Easton is a great role model and a huge asset to our classroom. Easton is loved by all and goes out of his way to make everyone feel special. It’s a true honor and privilege being his teacher.”

Easton is involved in QUEST, actively participates in football and loves the Texas Longhorns.