In September of last year, Bobbie Johnson, librarian at Stiles Middle School, was nominated for a Sterling Shining Star for her ability to ignite passion and enthusiasm in our students for reading and so much more.

The Stiles community was invited to post comments in support of her work. The support was so overwhelming that the Sterling Shining Star committee took notice. This morning, they paid a special visit to meet and recognize Johnson as the 2018-2019 Runner Up for the Sterling Shining Star of the Year award.

“There’s always a place for students in Mrs. Johnson’s library,” said Principal Melody Maples. “We’re proud that Mrs. Johnson is a part of our community. We can’t imagine the campus without her.”

Presented by Sterling National Financial Group, Sterling Shining Star of the Year is an annual honor program that recognizes and rewards school district educators/employees who are making a significant difference in the lives of students. 

“I’m overwhelmed, I don’t have words,” said Johnson. “We have the most awesome campus, students and staff. This award is a reflection of this school, our students, and the environment here. It’s not me; it’s all of us.”

Johnson also helps support all teachers as they pursue innovative teaching practices. She has committed library funds to the creation of a space for students to enjoy their lunch in a quiet and inviting environment. When she isn’t leading literary circles with students, Johnson sponsors five campus student clubs, including Coding Club, Chess Club, Book Club, Science Olympiad, and Knitting Club. She houses our campus maker space and even does her best to support the technology needs of everyone on campus. 

There is never a time in which Johnson’s library is closed to students as she feels strongly that a “school library can unite a campus.”