Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying The Leander Way!

Name: Ana Sandoval

Campus/Department: Child Nutrition Services – Bagdad Elementary

Job Title: CNS Assistant

Component of the Leander Way: Create

Ana stepped in on the first day of emergency feeding meal service and assisted with the creation of the program. She helped set up and implement procedures to keep everyone safe during production, packaging and service of meals. Her creativity and excitement is contagious!

Ana not only assisted with the creation of a brand-new service model, but she was also creative and crafty during the process. She made a fun apron to remind people to be safe and maintain social distancing.

Ana is a true representation of a model LISD CNS team member. She absolutely cares about her community and the children.

The Leander ISD CNS Team

Name: Brenda Howard

Campus/Department: Teaching & Learning

Job Title: Science Materials Center Sr. Specialist

Component of the Leander Way: Think

Brenda Howard manages the materials, systems, and critters at the Science Materials Center. She and her team make the magic that ensures science modules filled with resources make their way to PreK-5th grade classrooms all year long. Her spirit of “whatever it takes” and “focus on student learning” are evident in each of her decisions. Her leadership is the reason our elementary students have amazing science experiences through hands-on, minds-on learning!

Brenda is a clear example of thinking students first in every decision made at the Science Materials Center. Her systems thinking allows us to prepare large numbers of materials in a very tight space, with a very quick turnaround.

Her Continuous Improvement mindset means that she reflects on the current reality and strives to improve teacher and student experiences.

Brenda’s leadership at the Science Materials Center allows Leander ISD PreK-5th grade students to get to experience hands-on, minds-on science instruction unmatched by any other school district across the state of Texas.

Jennifer Collins, Executive Director, Elementary Curriculum