Name: Isabel Ceballos

Campus/Department: Translation and Interpreter Services

Job Title: District Translator

Leander ISD continues to be so proud of our district and we are jumping for joy to announce this week’s staff spotlight, Isabel Ceballos!!!  She wants everyone to feel a part of our #LISD.   Isabel BUILDS relationships with our entire community!!

Isabel cares about families and kids in Leander ISD.  She has committed herself to creating a culture where we readily put district communication in two languages and worked to create our Student Selection Form in 8 total languages.

When we had a presentation on Univision prior to the start of school, Isabel jumped in to help answer questions in Spanish on the Facebook chat. When we conducted Zoom webinars for parents, she translated the slides and organized an interpreter for the webinar. She translated all of the Launch to Learning Handbooks. She calls families who speak languages other than English to make sure they have what they need for student success. Isabel has a reputation for focusing on relationships and building trust with our community.

“Isabel’s passion for language and inclusivity is contagious. She rejoined Leander ISD just after Spring Break and you would have thought she never left. I love working with her and taking care of kids.”  Isabel BUILDS relationships with our entire community!!

-Corey Ryan, Chief Communications Officer