Leander ISD is excited for the start of December and for this week’s staff spotlight, Emily Buratti!!!  Emily is the Parents as Teachers Coordinator and she embodies the meaning of BUILDing true partnerships with families and young children.

Emily’s job is to facilitate parent-child classes, teach child development, and provide positive parent support through every stage of the early childhood years.  Emily does an amazing job connecting with families by building trusting relationships that form the basis of authentic family engagement.  She knows the name of every parent and child who participates in PAT activities and classes.  Even better……she knows their stories!!

Emily BUILDS partnership-focused relationships by listening to families and asking them about their values and goals.  Parents feel empowered to share their expertise on their child, and trust the process and power of the parent, child, teacher triad. 

“Ms. Emily gives my family a safe place to grow and learn together.  She is so accepting of us and everyone in the program.  We don’t know what we would do without her.”—Parent from Parents as Teachers