Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying The Leander Way!

Photo of Justin Miller

Name: Justin Miller

Campus/Department: Vista Ridge High School

Job Title: Special Education Teacher

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Mr. Miller is exceptional at building relationships with the students at Vista Ridge HS. He is constantly exceeding expectations on a daily basis and cultivating relationships with his students.

“Mr. Miller [goes] above and beyond what any good teacher would do. He treated my child with the same loving care a parent would with his child, not just as a student.” – Parent

Name: Kelly Shafie

Campus/Department: Knowles Elementary

Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher

Component of the Leander Way: Think

Kelly has a continuous improvement mindset. She is very reflective and continually seeks learning opportunities. In the classroom, Kelly has deep, authentic relationships with our kindergartners. She creates systems to support the various learning styles of each student. As a leader for her team, Kelly leads the team in creating systems and processes that always put students first.

“Kelly is an exceptional teacher! Her students absolutely adore her because she nurtures and loves them. She inspires and allows her students to be creative and respectful towards each other. I’m happy to work with someone as caring as Kelly!” – Gaby Ornelas, Bilingual Teacher