QUEST Teacher Josh Kane at Cypress Elementary School is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week.

Fourth grader Noah O’Brien said that he has known Kane since he was five, and has been shaped by his kindness and strengths as an educator and mentor. 

“I think Mr. Kane should be nominated for the most outstanding teacher award because he is always by my side, cares for me and is my mentor,” Noah O’Brien said. “He explains things extremely well, he has an amazing humor, knows how to adapt to people and overall he is one of the nicest people I know and the best teacher anyone can have.”

Noah’s parents said that Kane’s dedication and hard work has helped shape their son into the person he is today and who he will be tomorrow, providing him with the tools and guidance he needs to succeed both academically and personally.

“Mr. Kane instills important principles in his students such as honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, loyalty, concern for others, civic duty, respect for others, fairness, pursuit of excellence and accountability, and he always does it leading by example,” Natalia and Patrick O’Brien said. “There are teachers who simply teach, and then there are teachers like him. He has been a guiding light for my son and is a gifted and talented counselor who goes above and beyond to support his students.”