Trustees discussed a list of community priorities for new programs and possible magnet schools, including the addition of an orchestra program.  
The budget development overview and program advisory committee (PAC) report gave Trustees a glimpse of programming options recommended for implementation in upcoming school years, as well as costs to consider in future budgets.

Pending budgetary constraints, the community led PAC recommended the Board consider:

  • adding middle school elective options with additional STEM electives for the 2020-21 school year;
  • implementing UIL A+ Academics for all elementary and middle schools at a $110,000 annual cost;
  • starting an orchestra program;
  • expanding athletic offerings at middle school, costing approximately $594,000;
  • adding International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) at schools to align with current offerings at elementary and high schools, costing approximately $180,000; and
  • continuing research for magnet schools or academies to expand school choice for families, balance school enrollments, and minimize need for future, large new schools.

These priorities are dependent on implementation plans and funding, both of which would come into focus in the coming months as the Texas Legislature finishes the biennium budget.

“We always pay close attention to budget constraints to ensure efficient use of our funds,” Trustee Pamela Waggoner said. “Nevertheless, it is heartening to see that sound fiscal management and strategic future program planning will continue to provide the very best educational environment for our students.”