Hannah Fogel, a second-grade student at River Place Elementary, is this week’s LISD Super Kid. Her “superpower” is #7 – Respect for Others. She spreads kindness by helping others at her table if they struggle with directions or need an extra pencil. She offers to play with those who are new and need a friend to play with at recess. 

“It is hard to pick just one Ethical Principle when she shows positivity, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence on a day-to-day basis,” second-grade teacher Allison Levy said. “Every morning when she walks into class, she is ready to learn with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.”

Hannah has been in the River Place School Theatre Program for two years. She is on a dance team at Creative Culture Dance Company studio and competes in group and solo routines. She is also a Girl Scout, takes tumbling lessons at Tumble Town and is a budding star in national television and multimedia commercials as well as print advertising. 

Congratulations, Hannah! Thank you for being a shining example for River Place as an LISD Super Kid!