Grit & perseverance with a sense of humor to boot. That’s what defines LISD Super Kid Jahsua Tavarez!

The Grandview Hills Elementary kindergartener doesn’t know the word “quit.” However, that’s not why Jah was nominated. No, Eagle Nation wanted to recognize his constant concern for others. From the moment he greets his teacher and friends and all throughout the day, Jah makes every effort to be inclusive to all. A natural born leader, Jah rushes to help anyone who might be hurt on the playground and is always the first to say a kind word to whomever he encounters.

“Jah’s positive attitude and very clever sense of humor keep everyone laughing,” Patricia Robertson, Grandview Hills Elementary kindergarten teacher said. “He exudes concern for others by the gentle, but funny way he cheers people up with his jokes!” 

For his always-helpful, extroverted, happy, positive, fun, extraordinary personality, there’s no gags about it! We’re delighted by LISD’s Super Kid Jahsua Tavarez. Congratulations!