The Leander ISD Financial Services Department has earned the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) for the eighth time, continuing the department’s excellent track record of fiscal transparency.

“We have an outstanding Finance Department and Budget team here at Leander ISD,” Director of Budget and Compliance Jodi Levie said. “This award reflects the District’s commitment to maintaining fiscal responsibility, transparency and effective business practices.”

This award recognizes the district’s commitment to fiscal transparency through review of a 200-page budget document created by the finance department and budget team. The document is complete with visual aides and pictures, ensuring that it is user-friendly and accessible for any community members who are interested.

Comments received this year included:

  • “The District did an excellent job meeting all the Financial Section criteria. The information flows in a logical sense. The District follows the pyramid approach, and the data is all-inclusive and is clear for readers to understand.”
  • “The budget is an excellent document that includes a wealth of information in graphic and narrative form. It is user-friendly for the average taxpayer with an abundance of data to meet varied readers’ needs.”
  • “The document is liftable and easily understood by the layperson. The District did a good job at discussing major goals and objectives and how the District intends to achieve them.”

Congratulations to the Financial Services Department for another year of incredible work!