On Aug. 3, teams from four Leander ISD football teams participated in a competition to “Stuff the Truck” at Toyota Cedar Park. These students were battling it out to see who could collect the most donations of name-brand shoes to give to the Hill Country Community Ministries (HCCM) “Laces for Leander” program. They ended their day with over 700 pairs of shoes. “Sometimes kids don’t have shoes that fit or don’t get to have name-brand shoes growing up. It’s nice that we get to be part of making sure kids have nice, new shoes for school this year,” said GHS football quarterback Cooper Johnson.

For the eighth year in a row, the shoes will be distributed to qualified students at the Laces Back-to-School Shoe Event so that they may start the new school year with their own new pair of shoes. “We want to make sure that every child has a chance to start school with a brand new pair of name-brand shoes,” said Tiesa Holloway, HCCM executive director. “It truly is our favorite event each year. Studies show that a students who have a new pair of nice shoes show increased participation in class, activities and good behavior by over 50%. It’s very exciting and we are so proud to be part of this!” 

Everyone who qualifies will receive a pair of shoes. If a child’s size is not there that day, they will receive a voucher to come in to HCCM to get a pair of shoes from us.

Shoes will be laid out at Life Church in Leander this Saturday, Aug. 13 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. If students live in the following zip codes and meet the eligibility requirements, you may go during your designated time (by last name – see image) and shop for free shoes for your child(ren). 


  • Proof of residents in the following zip codes:
    • 78613       78641       78645
    • 78717       78726       78729
    • 78732       78750       78759
    • 76530       76527       76537
  • Birth certificate for EACH student
  • Parent’s ID
  • Proof of school enrollment
  • Proof of eligibility
    • WIC
    • SNAP
    • Lonestar
    • Medicaid
    • SSI/SSDI

Please visit the HCCM website for more information.