Since arriving at Grandview Hills Elementary School this summer, Principal Kathy Goecke has been amazed by the supportiveness of the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

“The Grandview Hills PTA is a real force,” said Goecke, who has previous principal experience at a school in Iowa. “They began the year with a pep rally to welcome teachers back. Parents, students and Elvis the Eagle all showed up to cheer for our staff.”

This positive first impression extends on to seeing the PTA there to help with things like Kinder Kamp, Grandparents Day, the Talent Show and the school’s first-ever Costume Ball.

“Any time we need help, the PTA is there,” Goecke said.

The Grandview Hills Elementary PTA president, Traci Whitney, said they try to allow their parent and teacher members to contribute to their passion.

“Some people have more financial resources than time, some have great talent to offer but no extra cash, still some may have a combination of gifts,” Whitney said. “But everyone has something to offer to their school community to support PTA’s goal to help every child reach their potential.”

The PTA also offers a number of low-cost enrichment opportunities for their students after school. Everything from skate club, to chess club, to garden club and much more is available for the kids to try out.

“Almost all of our after-school club offerings come from a parent or teacher who had the interest and drive to make them successful,” Whitney said. “And the clubs are flexible and dynamic. We take risks! Each year, we review our offerings and keep our minds open for new ideas that might come our direction. Excited leaders make for happy volunteers!”

“They support the students and staff with their time, talents and funding,” Goecke said. “Rarely do you see this kind of parent involvement and support. Grandview Hills PTA rocks!”