Leander ISD would like to congratulate Four Points Middle School’s Madison Howard for being named  the LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week. Madi is an 8th-grade member of the Majestic Dance Team. She was accepted into the American Ballet Theatre summer program to continue ballet development.

At Four Points MS, Madi has modernized the warmup and stretch out format for our team with new ideas she’s learned at workshops over the summer. She consistently searches for new ways to keep the team excited to get moving every day. 

“Not only is Madi the Captain of the Majestic Dance Team, but she also trains after school, participates in competitions and workshops on the weekends, and still maintains straight As in her academic classes,” Majestics Director Kelly Mabry said. “She could have easily decided to do off-campus PE, but instead wanted to be a part of the school culture and team. I’m amazed each day by the way she interacts with her teammates and leads them with the perfect combination of knowledge and grace. I am proud to be her director and am inspired by her dedication, drive and love for the arts.”

Congratulations to Madison Howard, the LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!