Leander ISD is proud to honor Four Points Middle School standout Maura Connors as the LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week.

Maurais a three year member of the FPMS choir program. She is in her second year as an alto in the Varsity Treble Choir, where she has served as a section leader. A very successful student, singer, and pianist, Maura works extremely hard to continually improve. She was selected for the Region 32 Honor Choir in seventh grade and was awarded first chair alto this year as an eighth grader. Aside from choir, Maura is an active member of the FPMS Athletics department and the National Junior Honor Society.

“Maura is one of the hardest working young musicians I have ever encountered,” FPMS Choir Director Megan Weston said. “She has the kindest heart and leads by example. Maura comes in to practice piano or voice over lunches and fully understands the dedication needed to be successful in life. It has been my honor to work with her over the last three years. I cannot wait to see her future successes, as I know there will be many.”

Congratulations to Maura Connor, the LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!