Freshman Allanah Owens at Early College High School is the Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week.

Allanah is a dedicated member of the ECHS Legacy Class and a model student and citizen. She can frequently be seen participating in academic Collaborative Study Groups in the morning, sharing ideas and giving back to the ECHS community in Culture Club, Art I and the Performing Arts clubs. 

According to her teachers, Allanah is a driven student, always working to achieve and maintain high grades.

“Allanah is a vibrant, bright artist who expresses herself boldly in her determined use of lines and a skilled use of color. Her perspective of the world and her interpretation of it in her work is both powerful and moving,” Art Teacher Alannah Grande said. “She inspires others around her in her art class with her quiet intensity, and she is always willing to help others around her in art or any variety of subjects. We are building a strong community here at ECHS, and it wouldn’t be possible without scholars like Allanah.”