The Long-Range Planning Committee meets monthly to review data, provide input, engage in shared learning, and discuss recommendations and solutions surrounding our 10-year Long-Range Plan.

On Tuesday, Leander ISD Superintendent, Dr. Bruce Gearing kicked off the March Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) meeting with a few challenging questions for the committee to consider and discuss:

  • What could the ideal student experience in LISD be?
  • Could we open the district up to allow out-of-district transfers? 
  • Could we offer tuition-based pre-k where facilities had space?
  • With the new elementary attendance zoning approved for the 2024-25 school year providing relief in the northern portion of the district, could we push the opening of Elementary School #31 from 2025–26 to 2028–2029?

While honoring the parameters set in the Long-Range Plan, Strengthening the Student Experience and Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility, the Facility Optimization subcommittee was charged with defining and outlining a process to guide the identification and optimization of a campus under capacity. For the past ten months, this subcommittee has been meeting, researching extensively, and gathering shareholder input to create a variety of iterations of this project before presenting it to the LRPC on Tuesday. The draft shared more than 15 facility factors for the committee to review and compare when considering an optimization. Campus enrollment percentages, the number of staff members, student programs and their associated expenses to acreage the building occupies, one versus two stories, and current facility condition were just a few data points gathered for the group to analyze. The LRPC reviewed the subcommittee’s latest iteration and provided valuable feedback from the group. The subcommittee will adjust and present a revised version at the April LRPC meeting.

The Schools of Choice (SOC) subcommittee shared the status of writing an EHBJ [LOCAL] policy SPECIAL PROGRAMS – INNOVATIVE AND MAGNET PROGRAMS by a smaller group within the SOC subcommittee. This group will present a policy draft to the SOC subcommittee at the April LRPC meeting. 

The Community Conversations and Communications subcommittee updated the LRPC on their work and group discussions around identifying all stakeholders (parents, guardians, students, LISD staff, community members, and business partners) in creating a communications plan, viewing potential scenarios through their lenses, and implementing effective and engaging reciprocal communication opportunities. 

March 19: Agenda | Presentation | Notes

For more information on the development of our Long-Range Plan, visit the timeline section of the webpage.