As part of ongoing efforts to partner with the #1LISD community, district high schools will share a “Substance Abuse and Dangers of Fentanyl” presentation with students the week of Feb. 13. Created by the district’s Counseling Services department, this presentation was reviewed by an independent expert who specializes in public health and substance abuse. A preview of the presentation is available at the link below.

In the presentation, there two slides reference videos, which are available below:

Throughout the presentations, students questions will be collected in a Google Form. Answers to these questions will be shared on the Empowering Parents page at a later date.

If you would like to opt your student(s) out of receiving this lesson, please complete the form below by 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.

At the elementary and middle school level, age-appropriate information about substance abuse is integrated into the curriculum throughout the year.

In Leander ISD, the partnership between the district and parents serves as the foundation in benefiting students and keeping them safe. It takes all of us. In response to community requests for educational awareness on topics of safety and security, along with health and wellness, we launched Empowering Parents. This newly created page creates a centralized location for information shared during the Fall 2022 summit and builds on those topics to better serve our community.