Convocation 2021 is in the books! We gave our Welcome Back ceremony for teachers a whole new look & feel for stage & screen. We entertained and enriched through live performances, guest interviews, creative videos. Throughout the entire production, we delivered a message of connecting with students to cultivate learning.

This performance from Vista Ridge High School thespians exemplifies student empowerment. When theatre director Rhonda Roberts came up with the idea for a script, her students helped write it in just a few hours. Give them just a few hours more for rehearsal and they were ready to own the stage.  You won’t want to miss this cathartic look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Listen to Rouse High School’s InTone Nation show choir sing Seasons of Love while dancers from all six high schools perform. This is what kind of magic happens when these individuals can’t get together until just hours before the live event! What a remarkable tribute to hard work and dedication.

Learning new things didn’t have to start with school. Thank you Leander ISD Board President Trish Bode for sharing your words of wisdom! Bode sat down with our two emcees during Convocation to give a personal glimpse at our Leander ISD Board of Trustees. She also offered a message of gratitude to staff for all they embody.
We enjoyed learning a little more about Supt. Bruce Gearing, Ed.D. during Convocation. During the last in-person Convocation in 2019, Leander ISD introduced Dr. Gearing as our new Superintendent. Filled with positivity and encouragement, he shared thoughts that point to the heart of what he hopes #1LISD accomplishes this year.

Leander ISD Excellence in Education Foundation (LEEF) gave out more than $75,000 in grants to well-deserving #1LISD teachers and staff — the most ever! What an honor for the 24 winners across the district who now can support students in such unique ways. We appreciate the generosity of our community!

During the Spring 2021 school year, #1LISD redefined its Graduate Profile. Through this process, staff, teachers, families and students came together to articulate statements of accomplishment through every grade level. Thank you to the students and staff who made these words come to life.
Connecting is more than just about relationships. Sometimes, it’s about connecting teachers to resources. Take a look at how a uniquely Leander ISD  program is cultivating learners through Support Services.