Rooted with purpose, we’re celebrating #1LISD Super Kid Emily Tapia’s pursuit of excellence!

Such a hardworking fifth-grader, Emily has a passion for environmental concerns. The Block House Creek Elementary School student has emerged as an amazing leader and a model student. When students were virtual, for example,  she would make tutorials for classmates to show them how to do different things technically for their assignments.  

“Emily has a true desire to learn,” Block House Creek ES QUEST instructional assistant Mindy Graves said. “So very thoughtful and considerate of her classmates, you can tell she is a student who will make a big impact in this world.”

The world can delight in Emily’s passion for music as well. She takes piano and violin lessons in her free time. Emily also loves to read all kinds of books, including the Harry Potter series.

No spells needed, we can see for our own eyes just what makes Emily Tapia an #1LISD Super Kid! Congratulations!