Leading by example, #1LISD Super Kid Hughes Fellin demonstrates strength in character that features every one of the district’s 10 Ethical Principles

Most importantly, Hughes, Cypress Elementary third-grade, treats others the way he wants to be treated. Even when others chose to show unkindness, Hughes responded respectfully. During recess one day, Hughes was building something on the playground. Classmates came by and made a poor decision to deface it. Hughes didn’t let his anger get the best of him. Instead, he chose to walk it off to calm down.

“To quote Laurence Sterne, ‘Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our manners.’ Hughes has both!” Cypress ES third-grade teacher Debbie Krawl said. “He will partner with and help everyone, not just his friends. 

Plus, he respects his teachers by focusing attention and listening!”

Often times you can find Hughes playing backyard football with his little brother or fishing. He plays Cedar Park Youth League baseball with the Heat. Indoors, Hughes enjoys building with LEGOs and writing short stories or poems. For the past four years, he’s been taking piano lessons. Hughes absolutely loves it!

Striking the right chord, we’re so proud to call Hughes Fellin a #1LISD Super Kid!