Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Photo of Nicole Thomas

Name: Nicole Thomas

Campus/Department: Business and Financial Services

Job Title: Payroll Supervisor

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Nicole is one of LISD’s behind the scenes heroes.  She works tirelessly to process payrolls for all employees.  Many employees may have never talked with her or know her name, but what they do know is that their paychecks are on time and correct.  Sometimes never knowing who to call means that things are working great.  During this COVID-19 time of closure and remote working, Nicole led her team to process payrolls with new rules and regulations, ensuring that employees received their checks even in the most uncertain of times.  Sometimes the work of Payroll can be thankless, but the importance to our employees is invaluable, so let’s say “thanks”!

Nicole is focused on building trust that all employees will get paid – on time and correctly.  She is focused on ethical behavior to ensure consistent standards in pay practices.

“Payroll is all just magic behind the curtain…until it impacts your paycheck.  Thanks goodness we have Nicole!”

– Kelli Vito, Executive Director, Total Rewards