Gaspar Garcia

Name: Gaspar Garcia

Campus/Department: Larkspur Elementary

Job Title: Lead Custodian

Leander ISD staff spotlight this week is Gaspar Garcia!!!!  Larkspur Elementary always knew that Gaspar was an amazing part of our staff, but this year he has outdone himself.   Thank you, Gaspar!

Gaspar Garcia always makes sure Larkspur Elementary stays clean and sanitized for ALL of our students and staff.  Gaspar will even work double shifts to get everything done on our campus.  He always has a smile on his face and will do anything that is asked of him.  Gaspar does not complain and goes above and beyond!!  We donโ€™t know what we would do without our Gaspar!!!!

The students love him because he BUILDS relationships with them.  Every campus needs someone like Gaspar!!

“Gaspar has the unique ability to connect with all students and staff. Larkspur wouldn’t be the same without him.”

-Tracie Montanio, Principal, Larkspur Elementary